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Logitech MX Keys Software Driver Manual and Review for Windows and Mac

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Logitech MX Keys Review

The Design

The MX Keys are built on a single metal plate, providing durability that seems to make it the ideal cell phone accessory. You will think twice about throwing it into your gear bag, even though you feel its total weight is almost 1.8 pounds. The keyboard is best suited for your desktop, where its weight keeps it from sliding and sliding under the typing style.

The full-size keyboard replicates the luxurious Logitech Craft layout, with alphanumeric keys, number boards, and a lot of function keys that double as multimedia controls. The latter can be “set” to functions or media by pressing Fn + Esc, so you don’t need to hold down the Fn key.

The MX keys are also equipped with proximity sensors, so they light up when your hand approaches the keyboard and fade when you move it. This backlight turns off automatically when the battery is under a 10 percent charge. At the same time, the battery indicator above the number board will turn red, and you will receive a notification on the screen. Logitech said the battery had to last for about ten days with the backlight always on, and cheap five months after it was turned off. A unique pair of buttons gives you manual control over several levels of lighting, so it will be easy to find a sweet spot between extremes.

Logitech MX Keys


Both the MX Button and the MX Master 3 mouse connect your computer through the Logitech Unifying Receiver. Plug the dongle into a free USB-A port on your PC or Mac, and the computer will recognize the keyboard instantly.

You can connect up to three devices through Unifying Receiver or Bluetooth. And then, you press one of the Easy-Switch buttons until the LED blinks to indicate it in pairing mode. Then find and select MX Key from the list of Bluetooth devices that are available on the laptop, tablet, or cellphone you are trying to connect. You are asked to enter the numeric code on the keyboard and press the Easy-Switch button again to complete the installation. After several devices have been paired with the keyboard, you can switch between them by changing the Easy-Switch button to the appropriate channel.

However, if, like me, you tend to use multiple computers simultaneously. You can use the MX Key together with the MX Master 3 mouse to control it simultaneously using Logitech Flow. All pc must be on the same network, with the Logitech Options software installed on each and Flow enabled on it. When you’re done, you can use the mouse on the whole computer just by dragging the cursor from the edge of one screen to another. Better yet, you can transfer images, text, & even entire folders between computers by copying them in one and pasting them in another. And because the MX Key follows MX Master 3 from one computer to another, you can type on many devices in one smooth workflow. It even works on the entire operating system; I use it regularly to transfer files between MacBook Air and Acer laptops.


Like the MX Master 3 mouse, you can adjust the keyboard with the Logitech Options software. After you download it, you can remap one of the function/media keys, as well as a calculator, screenshot. You can also search and lock the lock by selecting it from the graphic image and selecting it from the list of shortcut options. This software also allows you to see what devices paired with each Easy-Switch, manage notifications on the screen, and enable/disable battery saving mode. A special note for Mac users is the option always to keep the keyboard in a Mac layout.

Logitech MX Keys

The Nuances of Typing

Thanks to its large size, the MX Keys provide a spacious and comfortable typing experience. The buttons are smooth, with a little dip covering your fingertips. The low profile design doesn’t allow much travel, and you don’t get tactile or aural feedback that you get from a mechanical keyboard. You have to poke the hunting-and-peck style buttons to get a sound at all from them. That’s great for your coworkers if you work in a cool open office environment. But it might be scary for typists who rely on the clatter to connect with what they type.

The Point

The MX Keys are easily one of the best wireless keyboards I have ever used. Like MX Master 3, peripherals are expensive at $ 100 but are worth the investment for users who are proficient about their peripherals.

The Bad 

  • Expensive
  • Probably too heavy to travel with you

The Good 

  • Sturdy construction
  • Can connect with up to three devices
  • Can control mulitple computers at once when used with MX Master 3 mouse

Conclusion > MX Keys is an excellent standalone keyboard, but it can really streamline your workflow when used with the MX Master 3 mouse.



Logitech MX Keys Specification

Technical Specifications


  • USB port or Bluetooth® low energy enabled device with keyboard support
  • USB Receiver:
    Windows® 7 and above, macOS 10.11 and above, Linux,1 Android 6 or later
  • Bluetooth:
    Windows 8 and above, macOS 10.12 and above, Linux,1 iOS 9 or later, Android 6 or later


Keyboard21 mm430 mm132 mm810 g


Logitech MX Keys Manual

Setup Guide

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Interactive Setup Guide

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Logitech MX Keys Software & Drivers

  • For Windows

Logitech Options

  • Software Version: 8.00.863
  • Last Update: 2019-09-04
  • OS: Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 10
  • File Size: 188 MB
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  • For Mac


Logitech Options

  • Software Version: 8.02.86
  • Last Update: 2019-10-08
  • OS: macOS 10.15, macOS 10.14, macOS 10.13
  • File Size: 78 MB
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