Logitech MK470 Software Driver Manual and Review for Windows and Mac

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Logitech-apps – Are you looking for Logitech MK470 Combo Software for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, & 7, as well as Mac OS, Mac OS X, Manual Settings, and Overview? Here we give it to you, below we provide a lot of software, and arrange manuals for your needs, also a brief review of the products you want.

Logitech MK470 Wireless Combo Review

Logitech MK470 Wireless Combo Driver and Software  – The keyboard is light and slim and has a gray cover above the keys that cover the battery compartment and tray, which I think you can store some minimal items. However, the cover requires an effort to pull it off, so I did not use it. The keyboard takes 2 AAA batteries.

The top cover of the mouse opens to reveal a battery compartment that holds one AA battery and a holder for a USB dongle. At the bottom of the mouse, there is an off / off switch and an infrared sensor.


Both the keyboard and mouse are connected very quickly once the wireless dongle plugs into the USB port, and both respond immediately and are ready to use. Together they take up the same space that my previous keyboard occupied by itself, and that is the space to set aside between the keyboard and mouse.

Logitech MK470 Wireless Combo

Both the keyboard and mouse are a pleasure to use, and I am amazed that I like the soft touch that they both provide. I also like the bonus of having more space on my desk because I’m a certified gadget nerd, and I usually find a gadget for every bit of desktop space available.


For years I have wanted a large keyboard with buttons with Cherry switches so I can feel and hear every click and enjoy feedback from the keyboard. I got all of that on the Corsair keyboard and enjoyed it for a while. But, I soon got bored with the sound of the keys being made late at night, and it was a wired keyboard with two relatively thick USB cables that were permanently attached.

Also, I need more space on my new but smaller desk. I decided that it was time for a soft-touch wireless keyboard, and this Logitech keyboard fits the bill in many ways. I also like the mouse, but I am used to my upright mouse, so I use the Logitech mouse occasionally as a backup or if my hands land on it.

I also want the keyboard to be backlit because when editing at night, I prefer to work in a dark room. Whatever it is, this is the right combination of mouse and keyboard and at a high price.

Logitech MK470 Wireless Combo Specification

Technical Specifications


Sensor technology: High Precision Optical Tracking
Sensor resolution: 1000 dpi
Number of buttons: 3
Battery life Mouse: 18 months
Battery type mouse: 1xAA


Battery life Keyboard: 36 months
Battery type keyboard: 2xAAA
USB Speed: USB report rate: 50 Hz (20ms)
Micro Processor: Nordic nRF31502
Travel Distance: 1.8mm
Materials used: ABS / Mylar

USB port
Windows 10 or later, Windows 8, Windows 7
Works with Surface
Mac OS X 10.8 or newer


Keyboard (D x W x H): 21.3 mm  x 143.9 mm  x 373.5 mm 
Keyboard Weight: 558 g
Mouse (D x W x H): 107 mm  x 59 mm  x 26.5 mm 
Mouse Weight: 100 g 

Logitech MK470 Wireless Combo Software & Drivers

  • For Windows

    • Logitech Options

      Software Version: 8.20.329
      Last Update: 2020-05-19
      OS: Windows 7,Windows 10
      File Size: 198 MB
      Download Now         


  • For Mac

    • Logitech Options

      Software Version: 8.20.233
      Last Update: 2020-05-19
      OS: macOS 10.15,macOS 10.14,macOS 10.13
      File Size: 95 MB
      Download Now

This is the up-to-date version of the Logitech Software and driver directly from Logitech Support, and please contact and mention us if you have problems with this link. You can contact us at admin@logitech-apps.com

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