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Logitech K740 Review 

Logitech Illuminated Keyboard is as simple as possible. You don’t get the default USB port, fast scroll, or any of the other features on more expensive devices like Logitech G15. Instead, for $ 80 it offers a sexy and quiet keyboard with a very minimalist design that looks just as good as its performance. If you are a night owl gamer or want an attractive and comfortable input device, Logitech Illuminated Keyboard is a great choice.

The keyboard has a very smooth professional look. Apart from the very thin 9.3mm profile, the entire keyboard is black with a small clear plastic border that has no other purpose than to highlight the flat surface of the button. The built-in wrist under the button is covered with soft rubber material to prevent your hands from slipping as you type. After using the keyboard for several days, the natural oil in our hands made small prints on the armrest, creating stains that damaged the design that should have been clean.

Under the keyboard, you will find two small plastic legs that extend from the base, so you slightly tilt the keyboard forward. Finally, as the title suggests, the keyboard is equipped with a microlens reflector embedded under each button that produces a light blue backlit effect. You can adjust the light intensity to three predetermined settings; You can also turn it off if you want.

The keyboard is plug-and-play. But if you want to specify a macro or adjust one of the 12 shortcut keys, you need to install Logitech SetPoint software. The included CD allows you to define each key to perform various functions including opening a webpage, displaying a special menu, opening a specified file, or launching a program. The SetPoint desktop software also includes a help center that contains tips on how to get the most comfortable experience from the Logitech keyboard.

Similar to the high-end in the Nokia Edge from Logitech, the Illuminated keyboard displays the PerfectStroke Logitech key design. The PerfectStroke allows 3.2mm space between each key and regular touch feedback throughout the flatlock surface. In practice, the key response is similar to an IBM Thinkpad laptop. If you are accustomed to typing on a regular keyboard with a concave button, the Illuminated Keyboard will be the taste that you get. Your accuracy may decrease for a while, but we found ourselves typing significantly faster after less than one week of using it.

Although it is undoubtedly attractive and functioning correctly, Logitech can use several improvements in hardware design. First, the keyboard does not have an additional USB port that we usually see on the keyboard at this price. We complained about the old USB 1.1 port of Logitech G15, so we had to use Logitech again because it didn’t include one port in this design. Indeed, the keyboard’s slim profile does not allow much room for hardware extensions, but we will sacrifice a slightly thicker housing for increased functionality. We are also disappointed to see a keyboard that uses USB 2.0 instead of a wireless RFID transmitter for connectivity. Clean keyboard aesthetics are almost spoiled by unsightly gray wire from above, but if you are a cupboard gamer, you will appreciate the accuracy you get in cabling.

Good> Comfortable; minimalist design; comfortable backlit buttons; strong tactile feedback; easy to install.

The Bad> Wireless support lacks; no USB port; wrist pad still attracts fingerprints.

Conclusion> The buttons on the Logitech Illuminated Keyboard are comfortable to use and emit satisfying clicks but don’t have the convenient features we expect from a PC keyboard. However, we think this Logitech is a practical, affordable, and comfortable keyboard that successfully appears sexy at the same time.

Logitech K740 Specification

Keyboard Spec

Connection TypeUSB (corded)
USB ProtocolUSB 2.0
USB SpeedFull-speed
Indicator Lights (LED)Caps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll Lock
LCD DisplayNone
Special KeysCaps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll Lock, FN
Cable Length6 feet or 1.82 meters



Product componentWidthDepth/LengthHeightWeight
Keyboard456 mm (17.95 inch)190 mm (7.48 inch)9.3 mm (0.37 inch)1050 g (37.04 ounce)


Logitech K740 Manuals

Setup Guide.pdf



Logitech K740 Driver


SetPoint (32-bit)
  • Software Version: 6.69.126
  • Last Update: 2019-04-25
  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
  • File Size: 80.2 MB


SetPoint (64-Bit)
  • Software Version: 6.69.123
  • Last Update: 2019-02-01
  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
  • File Size: 82.6 MB

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