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Logitech Harmony Express Software Drivers Manual and Review for Android and Ios

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Logitech Harmony Express Review

Remote and Hub

Harmony Express consists of two main components: remote and hub. Remote remotes from Harmony models that are full of buttons. It is a flat black stick with a curved tip and an extensive circular direction bearing near the top. The center of the pad holds the clickable Select button, which allows you to use Alexa when you hold it and talk to the remote. The button is surrounded by a circular ring of Alexa light that glows blue when Alexa is listening or responding. Yes, Alexa can respond via the remote itself; it contains internal speakers that can be easily heard.

Apart from the navigation pad and the Select / Alexa button, the remote control only holds nine other buttons, arranged in a triple grid in the middle. The top row includes Back, Menu, and Home. The center row provides playback controls in the form of Rewind, Fast Forward, and Play / Pause. The last row has Volume Down, Mute, and Volume Up. The buttons are round and flat, but convex so they are easy to feel under your thumb, and they all help when you take the remote. That’s all for control. You will not find the touch screen when using the Elite one.

The Harmony Express Hub similar to the Harmony Hub, but with a few physical changes. It was a circular shiny black chip on the top and matte on the bottom. It has its infrared transmitter. It includes a separate infrared blaster that connects to the 3.5mm jack at the bottom so you can manage your TV and other home theater components without needing to direct the remote directly at them. The hub connects the remote and all smart devices that are compatible with each other via Wi-Fi, enabling Bluetooth for devices that support it. However, it doesn’t support application controls like the old Harmony hub and remote.

Logitech Harmony Express

Express Application

Harmony Express uses the new Logitech Express application for settings, not the existing Harmony application used by older devices. And it has a much simpler, friendlier interface that makes adding Harmony Express to your home theater faster and easier than the old app.

This application will take you through a fast, step-by-step process that connects the hub and remotely to your Wi-Fi network. Create or log in to a free Logitech Harmony account to synchronize settings on multiple devices and connect Harmony Express to an account Amazon for Alexa.

Showing Harmony Express what devices are connected to what port on your TV is as easy as dragging their circle icon to the appropriate port icon. After that, you need to tell the device application that you are using to watch streaming; if you watch Netflix on Fire TV instead of your TV interface. For example, select Fire TV in the drop-down menu, and Harmony Express will immediately jump to that device every time you tell you to open Netflix.

House Theater Testing

I set up Harmony Express for use with my home theater, which consists of TCL Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, Sony PlayStation 4 Pro, and Nintendo Switch. I also have an Amazon Echo Spot. Setting up Harmony Express to work with all my devices quickly, thanks to the application. I tell what port I connect to, and the remote automatically start controlling my TV with infrared commands. Fire TV Stick and PS4 Pro require an extra step to pair Harmony Express via their Bluetooth menu, but the application guides me through both processes, and they work perfectly.

Logitech Harmony Express

After I link Harmony Express to my Amazon account, I immediately start working with Alexa and can directly control the smart home devices that I have linked. Even knowing that Echo Spot is in the same room as Harmony Express, it automatically connects the two so that I can control my TV with my voice.

Logitech Harmony Express

Talking to the remote control for home theater commands is a little more forgiving than using an Alexa handsfree with the Echo device linked, but you still need to know the right words. “Turn on Fire TV,” will switch to Fire TV, but “Switch to Fire TV” won’t, “for example.

Logitech Harmony Express, an attractive and useful universal remote, but it is not enough to justify the price of $ 250. In the end, Logitech places a hefty premium on stronger home theater control options. Depending on your settings, it can make Express suitable for you.

The Bad

  • Expensive
  • Remote has limited options
  • No smartphone control.

The Good

  • Attractive design
  • Easy setup

Conclusion > The Logitech Harmony Express combines Amazon Alexa integration with a universal remote control, but ditches a lot of direct home theater functionality in the process.


Logitech Harmony Express Manual

Setup Guide

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Logitech Harmony Express Software & Drivers

  • For Android

Harmony Express App

  • Android 5.0 or later is supported
  • Bluetooth 3.0 is required
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  • For iOS

Harmony Express App

  • iOS 10.0 or later is supported

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