Logitech H540 USB Headset Manual and Review for Windows and Mac

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Logitech H540 USB Headset Review

Logitech H540 USB headset can be used to listen to music and make calls too. It’s great for PC use when you need to listen to music occasionally and video or make voice calls through applications like Skype or whatever you have.

Design and Features

Logitech H540 is a fine-designed & well-built USB headset. It’s sleek and stylish, with an appeal that reminds me of a Beats headset, except that the ear cup shape is more square than round. The H540 has a glossy plastic coating, and that is a fingerprint magnet but looks very premium and modern.

Logitech H540 has a padded earmuff that is wrapped in leather and a soft headband too. Because it designed for the best comfort, which is a necessity during extended calls or remote video playback, it also has a volume control button outside the right earcup. Below this volume button is the mute button for the microphone. Moreover, the Logitech H540 microphone can be adjusted. Rotating and actually can be hidden in the earcup. Because it’s hidden, therefore, the Logitech H540 looks like any headphone set.

Logitech H540 USB Headset

The Logitech H540 USB Headset has a laser-tuned driver and built-in equalizer intended to minimize distortion. The adjustable microphone also designed to reduce background noise for clear calls.

Sound and Call Quality

Logitech H540 USB Headset is a plug-and-play device, so using it requires the simple act of inserting it into your computer’s USB port. To test the Logitech H540, I first played an audio track on iTunes, and what I heard surprised me. I think Logitech H540 USB is the first and foremost microphone, but listening to records through this headset is a pleasant experience. Logitech H540 handles audio tracks quite well, presenting bright and clear mid and high and pumping lows in detail and warmth. I was impressed with the bass response from Logitech H540 and liked its sound on heavy tracks like Daft Punk’s Get Lucky and rock songs like Franco’s The Gathering.

Trying Logitech H540 on Skype gave me decent results. Calls came in clearly, and people on other channels heard me. The noise suppression feature seems to affect calls due to reduced noise.

Logitech H540 USB Headset

I am pleased with the purchase of these headphones and feel they exceed their value in terms of a small price tag, I have had it for a long time without any problems. When I don’t use it for a microphone, I occasionally use it for music, and the audio is outstanding.

The Point

The Logitech H540 USB Headset is a good looking headset that functions as advertised. Sounds good on audio tracks and works well for placing and receiving calls. There are other products like this on the market, but you will never go wrong with Logitech H540.

Rating: 8.8 / 10

Logitech H540 USB Headset Specification

Technical Specifications

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Mac OS® X 10.5 or later
  • Chrome OS
  • Linux Kernel 2.6+
  • USB port


Product componentWidthDepth/LengthHeightWeight
Headphone/Headset200 mm (7.9 inch)65 mm (2.6 inch)185 mm (7.3 inch)130 g (4.5 ounce)

Logitech H540 USB Headset Manual

Setup Guide.PDF

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Getting Started Guide.PDF

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