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Logitech G903 Reviews

Even-handed Care

As I said above, the G903 is an ambidextrous mouse. I used to use an ambidextrous mouse every day (Zowie AM). But gave up on the Logitech G502 contoured curve – still today, the most comfortable mouse I have ever used.

Using the G903 turned out to be very easy, and for an ambidextrous mouse, I thought this was quite convenient. You lose the support under the ring & little finger. but the back widens slightly outward and lodges right in the palm of your hand, giving you the tight grip you need to make the right movements

That being said, this mouse (like an ambidextrous mouse) is better suited for claw grippers. Gripping your palm leads to your pinky finger and maybe even dragging along the mouse pad, while good claws keep them out of the way. I gripped the nail, and that is no doubt why I find it easy to go back and forth between removed and ambidextrous mice. Palm grippers may have to look for something with more support unless there is an excellent reason to be ambidextrous.

G903 makes a good argument. Like the G502, Logitech has crammed high-end features into this mouse. In fact, in many cases, the G903 is just the ambidextrous version of the G502.

You get nine buttons here, even though two are disabled by default – a stable plastic sheet replaces the thumb button on the right side. This part is magnetically connected, so you can easily swap. And place two right thumb buttons inside and walk with all four connected or, if you are left-handed, insert the right-edge thumb button and replace the left one with a suitable plastic protector. Your preference

Logitech G903

Works like magic

Instantly, right? I guess that takes us to our wireless performance section.

Two ways can be taken. If you use the G903 as a standard wireless mouse, you will use many of the same USB dongles that Logitech uses on other wireless devices for several years now. On the other hand, you use the G903 with Powerplay, the mouse pad itself functions as your wireless receiver. That’s the mode I use most of my time with the G903, although I haven’t seen any real difference between the two.

Excellent performance in both cases. Logitech has become the market leader lately in wireless technology, and the G903 is an excellent Logitech wireless mouse. When Logitech launched its predecessor, G903, G900, it claimed that its wireless technology (known as Lightspeed) was not only faster than other wireless mice. But it also had many cable competitors.

In essence, a wireless mouse is used to get a bad rap because it is unreliable, bad sensors, with interference, low polling rates, and latency among many exchanges. Those days are gone.

The G903 is indistinguishable from the wired mouse I have used. There was about a quarter of a second of wasted time when I first moved my mouse in the morning when I went to wake up the computer. That’s the only time I’ve ever know that the G903 isn’t connected. I did not experience interference, even in my apartment that was soaked. There are no judges, no skipping, nothing. It’s perfect

As for the battery, even without the Powerplay, G903 is respectable. I got two to three days of heavy use (10-12 hours) from the G903 before the battery ran out to zero. That’s in line with Logitech’s figures, which touting the battery 24 to 30 hours depending on your lighting settings. At that point, you need to plug in the included Micro USB cable & temporarily make your G903 into a corded mouse for about two hours when the battery is recharged.

The point

The ambidextrous shape will no doubt scare you, but with a premium switch, dual-mode mouse wheel, lightweight chassis. And very low latency, the G903 is one of the best wireless mice on the market. It’s also better than two Powerplay mice, although that’s to expect – after all, $ 50 is more expensive than the G703.

That price is likely to be a sticky point for many people. At $ 150, this is one of the most expensive mice on the market – two, and almost three, more costly than competent wired gaming mice. Add Powerplay, and you see a $ 250 investment. That’s steep like a steep black diamond ski slope.

But it’s something to consider if you have money. Doesn’t matter Powerplay or not, the G903 is a premium mouse, with a premium display and premium performance. Luxury around it, and perhaps the best mouse I can ask for without a wireless G502.

The Bad > The Logitech G903 is Expensive, the design is Ambidextrous shape not very ergonomic. Need to charge in a few days if not using a powerplay mousepad.

The Good > The Logitech G903 has Excellent performance, Solid build quality, feels great in hand, and Unique wireless charging technology.

The Conclusion > Logitech Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse G903 is recommended for gamers who play FPS or shooting games, as it has the ultimate performance. And also all cool features in one mouse.

Logitech G903

Logitech G903 Specification

Mouse Spec

Connection TypeWired/Wireless (USB)
USB VID_PIDVID_046D & PID_C086 (Wired)
USB ProtocolUSB 2.0
USB SpeedFull-speed
USB Report Rate1000 Mhz (Min 1ms)
DPI (Min/Max)Min: 200 / Max 12000
Sensor TypeOptical, Visible light: No
Max acceleration> 40 G
Max tracking speed> 400 IPS
Onboard Memory5 hardware memory profiles (maximum)
Indicator Lights (LED)G-logo: Selectable color (RGB)
DPI setting: Selectable color (RGB)
Number of Buttons13
Standard ButtonsLeft & Right 
Scroll Wheel Button
Tilt Wheel Buttons 
Forward (2)
Back (2)
Special ButtonsG-Keys
DPI + / –
Profile toggle (under mouse)
Hyperscroll toggle
Connect/PowerOn/Off Switch (under mouse)
Other FeaturesRemovable side buttons
10g optional weight
Battery DetailsType: Rechargeable
Quantity: 1
Accessible: No
Size: Proprietary
Technology: Li-polymer
Battery LifeUp to 32 hours (no lighting); Up to 24 hours (default lighting)
Cable Length6 feet or 1.8 meters
Durability: Main Buttons50 million clicks
Durability: Max. Distanceover 250 km


Receiver Spec

Connection TypeUSB (Wireless)
USB VID_PIDVID_046D & PID_c539 (Wireless)
USB ProtocolUSB 2.0
USB SpeedFull-speed
Wireless Protocol2.4 GHz (Custom)
Wireless Report Rate1000 Mhz (Min 1ms)
Receiver ProfileNano receiver
Connect ButtonNo
Indicator Lights (LED)No



Mouse130 mm (5.1 inches)67 mm (2.6 inches)40 mm (1.6 inches)110 g (3.88 ounces)(mouse only)
Mouse Feet0.7 mm (0.03 inches)   
Receiver6 mm (.24 inches)14 mm (.55 inches)19 mm (.75 inches)2 g (.07 ounces)


Logitech G903 Manuals

Setup Guide.pdf


Logitech G903 Driver


Logitech Gaming Software(64-Bit)

  • Software Version: 9.02.65
  • Last Update: 2018-10-08
  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
  • File Size: 123 MB


Logitech Gaming Software(32-Bit)

  • Software Version: 9.02.65
  • Last Update: 2018-10-08
  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
  • File Size: 111.7 MB
Logitech G HUB

  • Software Version: 2019.4.18783
  • Last Update: 2019-05-08
  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
  • File Size: 35.6 MB
Logitech G HUB (Mac Os)

  • Software Version: 2019.4.18783
  • Last Update: 2019-05-08
  • OS: Mac OS X 10.11, macOS 10.12, macOS 10.13, macOS 10.14
  • File Size: 20.9 MB

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